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We think we know why you're here...
You're wanting something sweet (or salty) and just don't have the time or skill to satisfy your craving?
You've been wanting to have fresh baked, seasonal goodness to replace all of the store-bought stuff you've been resorting to?
You love supporting small, local businesses that provide amazingly fresh bakery items?
You have always wanted to be a part of something special and magical?

Well, you've come to the right place!

SweetTs Treats has created for our valued friends...

monthly subscription boxes

It's the perfect way to enjoy fresh baked goodness each and every month,
gift a friend or family member to something yummy, and
look like a baking rockstar at every potluck and holiday party!

Each month* you will receive one of these freshly baked goodies.
Treats will change based on seasons and any holidays that may coincide with that month
Quick Breads  |  Pretzels & Dips  |  Decorated Cookie Sets  |  Fudge Assortments
Pies/Crisps/Cobblers  |  Cake Jars  |  Cupcakes  |  Mini Decorated Cakes
Stuffed Cookies  |  Bundt Cakes  |  Scones  |  Fondue Kits  |  Cinnamon Rolls
...and more!

You know you want to be part of it... that FOMO will be kicking in soon if you doin't join.
So we've made it easy...

We have 

Step One
Choose Your Plan
Subscriptions are available for 3, 6, and 12 month plans.
3 Months - $120, plus 10% discount on future custom orders*

6 Months - $200, plus 10% discount on future custom orders*
12 Months - $360, plus 15% discount on future custom orders*
For selecting the 12 month plan, you can choose to exchange one of your baker's choice months
for a $40 credit on a custom orders
Plus some secret extra surprise goodies from time to time.

Step Two
Place Your Order
Fill out the form below to become a member of this coveted society

Step Three
Enjoy The Sweet (and sometimes Salty) Creations
*Custom orders are based on production schedule availability.
It's very exclusive
...only 25 spots available...

YES! Sign Me Up!
I want to be an exclusive member of

The Sugar Society
How long to you want to be part of the Soceity?
How do you want to get your treats?
Select an item ($)

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